A beautiful Social Networking application, where users can share their social links to the world.

It’s a general-interest social networking application. CelebSocials is very simple to use.

Why Do Celebrities Like Using CelebSocials?

Because CelebSocials is a one stop social tool, celebrities use CelebSocials to build a more personal connection with their fans.

Features & Details

Built for creative people. Made for high performance.

New Features


Post includes the Image, tag and description.

Like Post

Other can like your post and you can like other's as well.


You can comment on post.


1. CelebSocials allows you to share all your social networking profiles within a single platform.

2. CelebSocials allows you to choose your profession such as Actor, Painter etc.

3. CelebSocials allows you to follow your favorite Celebrities.

4. User can see who is following him/her and who are being followed by him/her.

High Resolution

High Resolution picture quality.

Modern Design

Material design is used for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices.

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CelebSocials is a one stop Social tool application as anyone can share their social handles, profession and Bio within one platform, making it easy for the other users of the application to follow them on every major platform which were shared by the user in the application.



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